“Social Remix” / Marlon Barrios Solano on Interconnectedness

Last week I had the privilege to attend a lecture by Marlon Barrios Solano, creator and producer of dance-tech.net. I came away from the lecture feeling energized in a way that I do only with buzzing and tumbling thoughts in my head. I was astonished and delighted because Marlon had spoken about each topic of my senior project- a medley of concepts that aren’t often bundled together. I had expected him to discuss dance- film, the Internet, dance and social media, and other technology topics, but I did not expect him to passionately discuss interconnectedness in nature, metaphors on landscape, documentation, memory, experience, story, and interactive storytelling.

Solano spoke about interconnectedness. We can trace technology, nature, and dance all back to this theme. Today it is possible to embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo on other sites, link other sites on a page, and re- post blogs. There are ongoing paths on the “web 2.0” that connect in an infinite number of ways. Nature, of course, is interconnected within ecosystems on multiple levels. We are human by interacting with what is not human: plants, animals, and the elements. We participate in nature as a part of nature. Which leads me to dance. Solano brought up a quote from Gregory Bateson: “information is a difference which makes the difference”. There is information between one physical position and the next, because you compare their differences in feeling, shape, energy, and timing. In other words, “movement is information”. I immediately thought of Gaga improvisational dance when Solano said this. Gaga is an hour long class devoted to researching the information you find while moving in all kinds of ways.

It was satisfying to find similarities between my interests in technology, nature, and dance, and to know that others appreciate these similarities as well. Solano spoke about interconnectedness with a sense of wonder and excitement, it truly is amazing to pause to realize the connections around and within us.

More posts to come on my reactions to the lecture, “Social Remix: Networked Collaboration on Hybrid Knowledge Landscapes”. In the mean time, here is a link to the page about the lecture, on Solano’s website, Dance-Tech. Click to read .


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