Reaffirmation of the Protest within Modern Dance

I just came across this article by Douglas Dunn, for those who do not know, Dunn was part of the avante garde, post modern movement in American modern dance. He was a member of the Grand Union improvisational dance group in the 1970’s, and he still runs his own company, Douglas Dunn and Dancers.

His article, Why I Choreograph, is a baren contextualization of modern dance in modern America. It is both empowering and bleak to me, as a modern dancer new to the professional world. It is empowering because it reaffirms the purpose I have with dance that I can’t always put into words, but it also starkly points out a uselessness of some of our tactics as artists, with no real solution. I am taking this as a prompt to make our own solutions… I hope it inspires you to do the same!



One response to “Reaffirmation of the Protest within Modern Dance

  1. Good luck on your choreography, dance, and films in the future! I am looking forward to seeing them.

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