the films

a still from our second day of shooting. Clara in the background, blurred.

Then-now-next, here. 
The Wind Is On Us Here, Turning is a dance-film series premiering this Spring. Five films are scattered through screens big and small. Three on the internet, and two premiering in the theatre at The Ohio State University, through the Department of Dance, on April 11th through 13th. The films are woven from collective memories of our past, present, and potential future interactions with our environment, our “here“.
for the Theatre showing of
Now, The Warehouse
Next Spring 
I produced these films for my Senior Distinction Project as a BFA Dance Major at The Ohio State University. I am able to complete this project with funding from the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship, and I presented my findings in dance film research at the Denman Research Fair on March 28th.

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