David Orr’s Sustainability Project in Oberlin, Ohio 

Sustainability at The Ohio State University 

The Climate Reality Project

Gary Nabhan – sustainable agricultural activist, Nabhan has written many interesting books on natural topics in farming and the local food movement. He is from Patagonia, Arizona, a place that I fondly remember visiting as a kid.

The Alliance for Wild Ethics – An organization run by David Abram, one of my favorite authors and a huge inspiration behind my senior project. Check out their members page to open up a cacophony of other environmental activism organizations. Their members include artists, musicians, poets, as well as philosophers, and ecologists. Truly a model of art and sustainability.

Green America

Green Festivals – a site to advertise events that Green America and Global Exchange put on together. I hope I get to check one out someday.

Designed to Move – a reminder to keep our kids moving and playing.


Eric Hines – Vibrant collage paintings, check them out!

Amy Youngs – Biological art, interactive sculptures, and digital media work

Noa Zuk – Dance artist from Israel, Noa is my current teacher at Ohio State

Craig Childs– A writer in natural science, adventures in the wild, and archeology. His books are on my xmas list!

Yoko Ono – Her website “Imagine Peace” has lots of interesting projects. Check out 100 acorns!

The Defiance Project– Sofie Needelman’s new fluid dance company. Creating to defy and live fully!

Dance & Technology

Dance-Tech – a website to foster connection and social mixing between dance artists around the world.

OUThere – Raul Maia and Juliano Ronaldo geo locate dance improvisations and display through a website.

Sites and Posts

Why I Choreography – This article by Grand Union member Douglas Dunn powerfully reaffirms how modern dance is an act of protest against consumerist society.

400 West Rich – Artist community in Columbus. With many art events as well as farmers markets and dance classes.

The Tree of Life Site – two ways through life

Plastic Usage in 4 Countries I Lived In – A Drifter Off to See the World

Blooming Trillium and the Forest Floor – Thought Blossom

The Work of Jonathan Harris – interactive storytelling, visual art, etc.

a short video on DOUBT – by The Climate Reality Project

Clay Shirky – His page on TED with videos of his talks about the internet, such as “How Social Media can Make History”.

Toronto Murmur Project – an innovative project on interactive story telling. Can’t wait to try it out if if I find myself in Canada!


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